Watch 'Stranger Things' Season 1 as an '80s Arcade Game

Eleven knows how to level up! If you’ve missed all the nostalgic, quasi-alternate universe action contained in Stranger Things season 1, don’t worry. You can now catch-up on the whole first season in less than three minutes, all in the charming style of a 1980s video game.

On Wednesday, Netflix released a new promo for Stranger Things called “Level Up.” It briefly recaps all the events big of the first season as though we are witnessing gameplay for an ‘80s arcade game similar in style to Dragon’s Lair. There’s text on the screening describing each enemy, while the player’s “inventory” is a bunch of Eggo waffles. This puts the “gameplay” seemingly in the perspective of Eleven, which makes a modicum sense since, in many ways, she is the most traditional hero of the all the Hawkins kids.

Though this recap video loosely references Dragon’s Lair; the original game was featured specifically in the big trailer for Stranger Things Season 2. The game was unique partly because it featured original animation from fantasy animation legend Don Bluth. For kids who loved dinosaurs, Don Blush is probably most famous for his work and creation of The Land Before Time.

Though the Stranger Things “Level Up” video doesn’t contain any new footage for the new season, with only two months left, a new trailer with new footage can’t be far away.

Stranger Things season 2 will hit Netflix on October 27.

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