Netflix's 'Punisher' Morse Code Reveals 'Punisher MAX' Homage


Less than 24 hours ago, a bizarre and random series of Morse code tweets from The Punisher series’s official Twitter account befuddled fans of the MCU. But now, the code has been cracked, and fans know the titles of all thirteen episodes of the upcoming Marvel series starring Jon Bernthal.

Shortly after Netflix unleashed its grim new trailer, fans quickly decoded the Morse code tweets (you can copy/paste and translate Morse code online) and discovered they were episode titles for the new Netflix series. A number of them allude to Frank Castle’s military past (“Kandahar,” “Resupply,” and “Front Toward Enemy”) and ominous Punisher-centric stuff like “Memento Mori” which more or less refers to the Punisher’s signature skull.

Other titles like “Crosshairs,” “Gunner,” and “Cold Steel” sound like they were taken out of a grab-bag of ‘90s anti-hero comic book phrases, but they work for a character as popular as the Punisher.

“Front Toward Enemy” is also exciting fans of the Punisher as it’s likely an homage to Garth Ennis’s defining run on The Punisher MAX, the R-rated comic book series Marvel unleashed in the mid-2000s. “Front Toward Enemy” is commonly an instruction inscribed on landmines, but it also served as the cover for issue #53 of the series. In the issue, Frank has to rescue his baby daughter Sarah from Barracuda.

'The Punisher' #53, published in 2004.

Marvel Entertainment

See the full list of the decoded episodes below.

1. “3 A.M.”

2. “Two Dead Men”

3. “Kandahar”

4. “Resupply”

5. “Gunner”

6. “The Judas Goat”

7. “Crosshairs”

8. “Cold Steel”

9. “Front Toward Enemy”

10. “Virtue of the Vicious”

11. “Danger Close”

12. “Home”

13. “Memento Mori”

Marvel’s The Punisher will premiere on Netflix later this year.

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