'Legends of Tomorrow' EP Wants Two Characters Back for Season 3

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Of all the DC TV shows, Legends of Tomorrow is the one that feels the most like anything is possible. As the time-traveling series speeds towards its third season, executive producer Phil Klemmer has two characters in mind that he’d want to see return aboard the Waverider.

In an interview with DC Legends TV, Klemmer said that he wants to see Jonah Hex and John Constantine, two DC characters who have previously appeared in this live-action continuity, appear in Season 3. “[W]e did have a crazy pitch for Jonah Hex appearing as a future bounty hunter in a Blade Runner-shaped story,” Klemmer said. “We haven’t broken that story yet, but it’s certainly up there on a 3x5 card.”

“It’s certainly on our wish list, as is a Constantine crossover,” added Klemmer. “We can’t promise it, but you know what — how cool would that be?”

As fan favorite characters, such team ups would be pretty darn cool. Jonah Hex, who had a big movie in 2010 that almost everyone has forgotten about, appeared as a guest star in both seasons of Legends of Tomorrow played by Johnathon Schaech. Conveniently, Hex always seems to show up anytime the Legends appear in the Old West.

Meanwhile, Constantine (Matt Ryan) was last seen in the fourth season of Arrow months after a fan-campaign failed to get NBC to renew his solo series Constantine. In Arrow, Constantine helped restore Sara Lance’s soul when it was still captive to the Lazarus Pit. Since then, Sara has been a key member of the Legends who rose to team leader by the end of last season.

Klemmer also confessed to wanting to write a Superman episode of Legends of Tomorrow, though the Man of Steel wouldn’t be making an appearance in Season 3.

“I would enjoy it,” Klemmer said, “because I do like putting a mirror up to our Legends and forcing them to channel their best inner selves. I would love that. I would say I would love writing him; it’s just I find it easier to relate to the superheroes that are a little banged up. The Mick Rorys of the world. The people who are still trying to find their purpose … I guess I’m still into somebody who’s just trying to understand what their purpose is with these powers. To me, that’s juicy.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on October 10 on the CW at 9 p.m. EST.

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