See How Netflix's Made the Punisher's Concrete Skull Logo


In the new trailer for Netflix’s Punisher series, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) does his best John Wick impersonation by taking a sledgehammer and pounding the ground until his iconic skull logo appears. It’s an eerie image in an otherwise slick teaser, but on Instagram, the special effects master behind the concrete logo revealed his secrets.

Greg Aronowitz, a veteran special effects designer who designed the props for the comedy web series The Guild and Power Rangers SPD (which he also directed), created the concrete skull for The Punisher. On his Instagram, Aronowitz shared pictures of his process, which he says he actually “destroyed a cement mixer” while doing so.

“Have you guys seen the new #netflix #punisher trailer yet?” Aronowitz wrote on Instagram. “I created the logo reveal at the end. Also made all of the ‘breakaway’ concrete slabs with @red5iam.”

Before Aronowtiz gave Netflix his piece of art, he shot impact tests with a high-speed camera. “We shot the high speed #phantom impact tests at @barnyardfx (with lord of light @dallassterling) and @londonpicadillycircus was delighted to assist in the destruction. Can’t wait to watch this show!”

(London is his rescue dog, FYI. And yes, he has his own Instagram page.)

See Aronowtiz’s photos of his Punisher skull below.

Marvel’s The Punisher will be available to stream sometime later this year on Netflix.

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