Netflix Unleashes the Ominous First Teaser for 'The Punisher'

The Defenders ended with a bang — literally — but fans of a more brutal sort of justice might’ve been more excited by the first teaser for The Punisher series, which Netflix attached to the end of Defenders.

The 30-second spot doesn’t give away too many concrete details about the foes Jon Bernthal’s brutal vigilante will go up against, but it sets an intense-as-hell mood. The Punisher is slamming away at a concrete floor to create his rage-filled calling card, while flashes of his happy, past life with a family and kids appear on the screen. Just as quickly, they’re replaced by flashes of gunfire and torture.

“All the things that I’ve done, memories, they never hurt me,” Frank Castle says in a grim voiceover. “But the past is more than memories. It’s the devil you sold your soul to. He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.”

It’s hard to say who we should be more concerned for: the Punisher, or his enemies.

The Punisher will also star Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll as Karen, who forged a strange bond with him during Season 2 of that show. There’s no exact release date yet, but The Punisher is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime this fall.

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