Hulu's 'Locke & Key' Just Got Even Better for Horror Fans

Its leading actress is only the latest to be added to a growing list of horror talent.

Frances O'Connor / Locke & Key

True horror fans will find something badass and exciting in Hulu’s upcoming Locke & Key, based on the Lovecraftian horror-fantasy IDW comic created by Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

Hulu’s Locke & Key production team is positively riddled with horror talent. THR reports the production just found its leading lady in actress Frances O’Connor (The Conjuring 2, The Missing), who’ll play Nina Locke.

In Locke & Key, Nina Locke moves her children to Keyhouse, their family’s ancestral home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts after the grisly death of her husband. As it turns out, their creepy home has a number of keys that grant all sorts of magical powers and abilities. But it’s not all fun and fantastical games; these powers come via a portal under the house that leads to a dimension full of demons. One particular demon is out to murder the rest of the family and gain the power of these keys for himself. And he doesn’t mind possessing humans and murdering people to get his way.

Locke & Key has more than its fair share of demons and interdimensional travel. All in all, it’s a gruesome and freaky magical adventure. Considering the show’s just hired the fantastic lead actress from The Conjuring 2, Locke & Key will come from a strong pedigree of talent.

'Locke & Key' sounds like pretty fun fantasy, but it's moreso gruesome, Lovecraftian horror.

IDW Publishing

Locke & Key will be produced by IDW Entertainment and showrunner Carlton Cuse, who has credits on Lost and Bates Motel. Andy Muschietti (Mama, It) will direct the pilot episode, which is being penned by the comic’s writer, Joe Hill.

This will be the third attempt at getting an adaptation off the ground, and it looks like letting the comic’s original creator have a prominent say in the matter is going a long way to making your favorite new horror show a reality.

Hulu’s Locke & Key has no firm release date thus far.

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