Mewtwo Is Coming to ‘Pokemon GO.’ Here’s How to Catch Him

It's not for everyone.


One of the most powerful and most popular Pokemon has finally arrived in Pokémon GO. Mewtwo, the psychic Pokemon, has made his debut in Niantic’s popular AR game. Mewtwo first appeared during the Pokémon GO Stadium event in Yokohama, Japan, though he’ll make his way around the globe soon via invite-only events. At least he has an alleged 100 percent catch rate.

It all went down over the weekend in Yokohama Stadium during an event that was similar to the notorious Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago’s Grant Park. Luckily, things went more smoothly for Trainers in Japan than in Chi-Town, as players were able to catch Mewtwo by participating in the event-exclusive raid battles, the big multiplayer feature added to the game this summer.

In a blog post on its official website, Niantic promises that more exclusive raids will soon take place around the world. However, these events will be invite-only, meaning only more active Trainers can catch Mewtwo, so lapsed players are out of luck. To be invited and catch Mewtwo, Trainers must have successfully finished a raid “recently” by defeating the Raid Boss of the Gym where the exclusive raid will take place. Invitations will include “advance warning” when the raid will happen.

Luckily, the raid will be the hard part. On Reddit, players learned that Mewtwo came with a 100 percent catch-rate, meaning every player who made the attempt caught a Mewtwo. This has peeved some players, especially for those who feel cheated out of the disastrous Chicago event. Then again, no one said becoming a Pokémon Master would be easy.

Beware, Mewtwo has finally arrived in 'Pokemon Go.'

If it’s been awhile since you last caught Pokémon, you might want to get back on the hunt if you wish to obtain one of the most fearsome Pokémon ever in your smartphone.