You Can Now Mega Evolve Mewtwo in 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Moon'

Mewtwo is mightier than ever. 

The Pokémon Company

Mewtwo is Pokémon’s greatest lab experiment, maintaining its status as one of the most formidable Psychic Pokémon in the land, some 600 Pokémon later. Mewtwo eventually got two separate Mega Evolutions in Pokémon X and Y. But Sun and Moon players have been out of luck, that is, until now.

While Mewtwo can’t be found naturally in Pokémon Sun and Moon, the latest iterations in the Pokémon series, you can now bring this odd cat-like creation over to the latest generation thanks to the addition of the Pokémon Bank in the newest games. The Pokémon Bank allows players to transfer Pokémon from past titles, like Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire or X and Y, over to your Sun and Moon saves. Nifty, no?

To get Mega Mewtwo X and Y in Sun and Moon, you’ll need to go through a few steps, as outlined by Nintendo below, to get the necessary Mega Stones. You can then use them with any Mewtwo you transfer to your Sun and Moon games:

1. After starting up Sun or Moon, select the “Mystery Gift” option from the main menu.

2. Select “Receive Gift” from the menu, and then press twice to connect to the internet on your 3DS.

3. Enter this code: M2DESCENT

4. Once the animation is complete, go to the game and head to the nearest Pokémon Center. Talk to the deliveryman inside and you’ll receive your stones.

You don't want to be on the wrong end of a Mega Mewtwo attack. 

The Pokémon Company

Mega Mewtwo X adds an additional Fighting-type to its usual Psychic to Mewtwo, boosting its Physical Attack prowess substantially. It’s quite the deadly combo. Mega Mewtwo Y is pure Psychic, still, but has a much higher Special Attack stat. If you know Mewtwo, you’ll know that its Special Attack was already astronomical, so you can imagine that Mega Mewtwo Y is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

The Mega Stones are available starting today, so hop to it, trainers.

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