Aubrey Plaza Really Wants to Play Catwoman

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Aubrey Plaza really wants to be Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, in some live-action adaptation of the DC Comics. Movies, TV — she doesn’t care. But she wants to play Catwoman so badly that she forced a sex scene into her newest movie, Ingrid Goes West, in which her character cosplays as Catwoman and does the deed with her Batman-obsessed landlord.

Plaza hasn’t been shy about her enthusiasm for playing Catwoman. During a Reddit AMA to promote The Little Hours in July, when asked what movie she wished to be a part of, she said plainly, “I want to be cat woman.” And, in an extensive profile of the actress published by TIME on Thursday, the actress doubled down on her enthusiasm for the part.

When asked by interviewer Eliza Berman what she wanted to do next, Plaza supposedly responded with wide eyes, “I want to be Catwoman more than anything. I made myself Catwoman in Ingrid because I was like, ‘This might be as close as I get.’” The bit of roleplaying is only a minor (but memorable) part of the movie, which itself is something of a psychotic takedown of the millennial generation’s obsession with social media.

Plaza got her big break with the role of April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation, and has been trying to break through the typecasting she’s endured since. Catwoman would be her ideal next step.

Plaza currently stars as a villain in FX’s Legion series — or at least one form assumed by the parasitic psychic entity known as the Devil with Yellow Eyes. The show is set in an odd corner of the Marvel Universe that has no direct connections to the MCU or Fox’s core X-Men film series. There are superpowered mutants like her character, but no direct link to the X-Men despite the titular protagonist being the biological son of Professor Charles Xavier.

If Plaza had her way, she’d join the ranks of actors like Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds, who have dipped into different roles originating from Marvel and DC Comics.

Could Aubrey Plaza play Catwoman in the upcoming Gotham City Sirens alongside the likes of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? Only time will tell.

Gotham City Sirens is expected to release sometime in 2018.

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