Bones is Cool if 'Star Trek' Reboot Movies End With 'Beyond'


If the voyages of the newly christened USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A don’t continue after the events of Star Trek Beyond, Karl Urban is totally fine with that.

“If Beyond is the note that we end it on – as sad as that is – I am actually happy with that film,” Urban was quoted saying in an article published on TrekMovie on August 6. The Dredd actor has played Leonard “Bones’ McCoy in all three reboot Trek films since 2009. His comments were made during a recent Star Trek convention in Las Vegas where he also revealed that he nearly didn’t return for Star Trek Beyond because he was frustrated by the lack of development of McCoy’s character in Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013. But he was convinced by Simon Pegg and Justin Lin to return for Beyond.

Since J.J. Abram’s first Star Trek, Urban has been praised for his portrayal of Bones, a part originated by the late Deforest Kelley in 1966. Back in 2009, when Leonard Nimoy filmed scenes for the Trek reboot, he was brought to tears by Urban’s performance in the part.

LEFT: Karl Urban as Bones in 2009. RIGHT: Deforest Kelley in the original 'Star Trek' series.

After Star Trek Beyond was released in theaters, Paramount immediately announced that fourth film would in fact happen. But since then, despite reports about Simon Pegg and Doug Jung writing the movie, no concrete information has been released to fans or to the actors.

“The ball is in Paramount’s court,’ Urban said.

The next iteration of Star Trek, will be Star Trek: Discovery, airing on CBS All-Access on September 24.


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