'Dredd' Actor in Talks to Appear in TV Show, ‘Mega-City One'


The announcement of the Judge Dredd: Mega-City One* TV series was a downer for fans hoping to see the franchise continue in film form after 2012’s Dredd. But, there may end up being a cast connection between the projects that should have Dredd-heads excited.

At the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention over the weekend, Karl Urban, the Judge Dredd of Dredd, revealed there was a possibility he’d be headed to the small screen. “I am in discussions with them about that,” he said. “I told them that if they write the material and give Dredd something to do and give him a function, I will be there. I would love to.”

Urban was perhaps the best thing about the 2012 film, so it’s nice to see that he’s interested in returning, especially if it isn’t just going to be a quick cameo. ‘Mega-City One’ doesn’t have a network to call home just yet, though, meaning it could be a while before we hear more.

Unlike Dredd, which centered on Judge Dredd and Cadet Judge Anderson (played by Olivia Thirlby), Mega-City One is expected to focus on a team of Judges — cops with the ability to serve as judge, jury, and executioner. However, similar to the film which touched on issues of overcrowding, the show will deal with topics like class tensions and domestic terrorism.

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