Contrary to Karl Urban’s Claims, ‘Dredd 2’ is Not in Development

Less than a day after ‘Dredd’ star Karl Urban said the film was in development, ‘Dredd’ producers rebuked the news.


On Monday, action-movie fans got some wonderful news out of Denver Comic Con, when Karl Urban proclaimed that Dredd 2 is in development. Unfortunately, that joy was short-lived as Urban’s announcement was utterly debunked this morning.

Released in 2012, the original Dredd was a cinematic reboot of one of comics’ most iconic police officers. Serving as an apology for 1995’s Sylvester Stallone travesty, Dredd followed a mostly-silent Karl Urban as he worked his way to the top of a futuristic slum crawling with drug-addled baddies lead by a particularly fearsome Lena Headey. Crammed wall-to-wall with stylish action scenes, Dredd also offered a thrilling glimpse into a dystopian world where the government has all but lost control over its impoverished citizens.

Though it totally flopped at the box office, history (and a growing fanbase) have ultimately seen Dredd become something of a cult classic. It’s also a part that’s near and dear to Urban, who is always chatting up the possibility of another Dredd film or a possible series. In other words, the news that a potential sequel was in development was a boon to most action nerds’ Monday.

Then, Tuesday happened, and British comic house and Dredd license holder 2000 AD tweeted the following:

The wording here is suspicious, though. Honestly, it most likely means that 2000 AD isn’t really focusing on developing anymore Urban-led Judge Dredd stuff just yet. However, if you want to keep your hopes raised slightly, the phrase “jumping to all sorts of conclusions” isn’t necessarily a declaration that we will never get more Judge Dredd. It just means that 2000 AD isn’t intending to do it as a movie. That leaves the possibility for a series (please, God, make it happen). Maybe.