The 7 Best "Right in Front of My Salad" SFW Porn Memes

Everyone loves a meme that leads to gay porn, and that's exactly what "right in front of my salad" does.


It’s a classic comedy of errors situation: you make yourself a restaurant-sized salad in your kitchen, and suddenly your husband and his buddy start having anal sex against the counter. What’s a wife to do? In the case of adult actress Nikki V. in Private Lesson Part 3, she exclaim, “Are you guys fucking? Are you serious? Right in front of my salad?”

Joining Riley Reid’s “oh fuck put it back in”, and the “grapefruit technique”, the salad meme works in a ton of situations, though the core joke leads back to a pretty well-acted gay porn scene. People on Twitter have been using Nikki V.’s exclamation to express their shock and frustration with the President, international politics, student loan debt, and their favorite team losing. It’s gotten pretty out of control.

First, let’s start with the actual clip, just so you can get your bearings. As Nikki V. eats her salad, performers Jake Porter and Jaxton Wheeler begin having anal sex. She slowly realizes what’s happening and lets them have it (verbally).

Nikki V. told Mic, “The whole thing with the salad was me basically improvising. I was just ad-libbing,” which makes sense, considering the out of context exclamation feels too real for such a ridiculous scene. It’s divorced from anything a real woman would say, if she were to find her husband having sex with a man in their kitchen, and that’s what makes it so memorable.

And now, the memes

There have been a ton of homophobic memes since the salad exclamation took off, mostly focusing on how tracking down the meme’s origins leads to “gross” gay sex. Because the clip is pretty tame, and the only reason to find it disgusting is because you find gay sex disgusting, we’ll just skip over those shitty jokes. Cool? Cool.

Here’s some funny ones in which gay dudes are not the punch-line.


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