New ‘Overwatch’ Fan Trailer Teases “Horrific and Dark” Widowmaker

"She's annihilating all these people, but she does it so beautifully. It's seductive."

A frightened soldier pants heavily in the darkness, frantically looking around. He’s afraid of something, something that pulls his feet out from under him. He screams and struggles. A female voice just laughs. That’s all we get from the teaser trailer for Shadows, an Overwatch fan film centered around the elegant purple sniper referred to as Widowmaker, but it’s more than enough to get a sense of the tone for the new film from Lupin Productions.

The same company released Heroes Never Die in May, which focused on the healer Mercy and her battle against Widowmaker and some generic Talon troops. Now it’s Widowmaker’s turn to take center stage, and the latest trailer/first look offers interviews with the cast and crew for some perspective on the design choices. All signs point to this being a scarier, darker version of everyone’s favorite purple sniper.

Director and writer Grayson Peters calls this depiction of Widowmaker “cool, scary, terrifying,” and “lethal.” The production hopes to bring a “brand new element of danger to this character way beyond what you see in the game.” Concept artist Margarita Shlepneva aim to make this Widowmaker more “savage” and “aggressive” as opposed to the “sexy purple girl in a latex costume” you get in the Overwatch game.

This more “wolflike” Widowmaker, as portrayed by Rachel Rodgers, promises to create a much more “horrific and dark” version of the character than players of the game might be used to. She manages to remain “beautiful and seductive” while annihilating everyone that stands in her her way.

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