Lady Deadpool Comes to Life in New Live-Action Web Series

There just isn’t one Merc with the Mouth in the Marvel Universe. Lady Deadpool, who first appeared in issue seven of Deadpool: Merc with the Mouth in 2010, has come to life in a brand new live-action web series from L.A.-based nerd filmmakers Geeks-N-Gains.

Directed by Scott Baker but written and produced by Ellie Viane Sonnett, who also stars in the four-minute short as Lady Deadpool, Lady Deadpool Diaries will follow the pony-tailed merc in her own wacky adventures.

In the first episode, Lady Deadpool crosses paths with none other than Black Widow (played here by Genevieve Nylen, not Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Steve Huff, not Jeremy Renner).

“Blew It” which hit YouTube on Monday, sees Lady Deadpool crash a top secret operation led by the two Avengers. In four minutes, Lady Deadpool slices up ninjas and bad guys — all while taking selfies. You know, for the ‘gram.

At the end of the episode, after an explosion literally blows Natasha and Clint’s mission sky high, Lady Deadpool tries to make peace with the two spies… only to get socked in the face by Black Widow.

Although clearly produced on a fraction of a budget that 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios gets to work with, the film admirably tries to pull off something fun. All of the actors also performed their own stunts. Lady Deadpool Diaries seems to function as both a creative endeavor and an advertisement for Creative Combat, a weapons training and choreography school located in Los Angeles. Consider both missions accomplished.

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