Olicity in 'Arrow' Isn’t Going Anywhere Next Season

The CW

Fans love their fictional romantic pairings, and one of the most prominent ships (as they’re known in the fandom business) on TV these days is “Olicity,” the pairing of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak in the CW’s Arrow. Prominence, though, is not always a good thing. Fans have turned on Olicity in recent years, claiming it’s bogged down the dark action series in melodrama, but a new interview reveals that Olicity isn’t going anywhere come next season.

Speaking to ComicBook at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks ago, series star Stephen Amell said that his character’s son, William (Jack Moore), a newcomer to the series, will not intrude on his (possibly) rekindled relationship with Felicity. When asked how William will factor into a more matured “Olicity,” Amell said in a playful evasive tone: “It’s a thing. It’s not messing with us, but it’s a thing.”

The long, exhaustive history of “Olicity” has been as complicated and bizarre as the journey of William. Mentioned in Season 2 and first seen in Season 3, William Clayton is the son of Oliver and a woman he had an affair with prior to the events of the series named Samantha Clayton (Anna Hopkins). In the Season 3 crossover “Legends of Yesterday,” Oliver was allowed to be in William’s life but at arm’s length.

Later, in Season 4, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) kidnapped William as leverage to get to the Green Arrow. Then, last season, William was kidnapped again by Prometheus (Josh Segarra), who wanted revenge against the Green Arrow for killing his father. But Prometheus’s master stroke wasn’t getting William, but gathering all of Team Arrow on the island of Lian Yu and blowing them sky high. So, even if Felicity manages to make it out alive, she’ll have another challenge: learning to live with William.

Arrow will return to the CW on October 12 at 9 p.m. Eastern.