'Arrow' Offers Up Some Pure Olicity Bait

Though Arrow writers have insisted that the show’s “shippers” (fans of romantic pairings) are going to have to do without, this week’s episode leans real hard on Oliver and Felicity’s chemistry. We watch them fight to escape the Arrowcave in the present, and we see the couple they once were in flashbacks. It appears Arrow will keep its flashback system, although the scenes are now thankfully Bratva-free.

When the show aired a particularly steamy flashback of Oliver and Felicity making out, smiling with googly eyes at each other, and holding hands while half-naked, Olicity shippers lost their goddamn minds on Twitter.

What will the show look like if it allows itself to give “Olicity” shippers more of what they want? Well, it’ll piss off fans who say #Nolicity because they’re DC Comics purists who preferred Black Canary as Green Arrow’s romantic partner, and it’ll piss off that dedicated group of fans who want the show to be less about who Oliver is dating and more about, uh, superheroes.

Whether or not Oliver tries to convince Felicity to give him a second chance, it looks like Adrian Chase will continue being a giant pain in the ass. In this week’s episode’s final moments, we see he’s tracked down his biological son and is still looking as insidious as ever.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. Eastern.