A Nazi Plane Just Landed On a Georgia Highway

The pilot was, it seems, a huge dumbass in dire need of a great big wedgie.

Gwinnett Police Department

It’s a cliche at this point to point out all the signs of the end times that keep showing up in 2017. But regardless of that fact, a Nazi plane just landed on a highway in Georgia. So, ya know, try not to freak out.

The small plane landed on GA 316 in Gwinnett County Monday afternoon, according to the *Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It was a Sonex — a kind of rinky-dink little propellor plane that hobbyists build out of kits — with only the pilot inside. His name is Fred Meyer and he has only himself to blame if the words “Nazi plane” show up when people Google his name for the rest of his life.

“The engine just quit, it just died,” Meyer told Channel 2, according to the AJC. He’s apparently not the plane’s owner, but built the engine. (The one that failed and got him his primo TV spot.)

Meyer added that the big honking swastika on the tail and markings that made it look like a WWII-era Nazi Messerschmitt BF 109, were “just for fun,” and that “a lot of people like to paint these planes up like old war birds.”

That would almost make sense as an explanation to a particularly dense listener — until you realize that the dopey-ass plane this dude’s flying looks less like an “old war bird” than an off-brand Duplo toy from some hellish Man in the High Castle day-care center.

It’s not all that uncommon for small planes to land on highways or local roads in a pinch, but this plane understandably caused a bit of a stir when it dropped out of the sky painted like a bad children’s model of a Nazi warfighter.

Neo-Nazi dorks seem to genuinely feel ascendant in the year 2017, perhaps because they believe President Donald Trump represents their interests. Rashes of violent hate have broken out in American towns, and critics believe that rhetorical elements within conservative media seem to echo the Neo Nazi viewpoint.

Many people who aren’t giant neo-Nazi dorks are pretty freaked out about all of this.

The fact is, while displays of public Nazi dumbassery may be surging, they aren’t new. No one should be surprised that some fool in Georgia thought it would be a good idea to stick a swastika on an airplane he couldn’t even build or paint properly.

Nor should they be surprised when that fool doesn’t have the good sense to hide his name and face in shame from the news cameras after the whole affair.

Still, this reporter believes Fred Meyer and his broken-down cartoon Nazi plane can fuck right off.

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