'Arrow' Villain Will Be the Darth Vader of 'Legends of Tomorrow'

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It seems that Damien Darhk isn’t finished just yet. During San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, it was revealed that actor Neal McDonough will continue playing his sinister supervillain from Arrow in the upcoming third season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, so expect more telekinesis and Force-choking from a sharp dressed man in black. With such longevity in this franchise, Darhk is on his way to becoming the Darth Vader of the Arrowverse.

Over the weekend, Deadline reported that McDonough will reprise his Damien Dahrk as a series regular in Legends of Tomorrow, scheduled to return October 10 on the CW. This season will actually mark the second year Darhk has fought against the Legends. Last season, Darhk was a member of the “Legion of Doom,” an evil alliance formed by the Reverse-Flash who were united in their quest to obtain the Spear of Destiny. (Strangely, Darhk doesn’t make an appearance at all in the new Legends of Tomorrow trailer released at Comic-Con.)

McDonough made his debut as Damien Darhk in 2015 as the primary villain of Arrow in its fourth season. Dressed primarily in black and wielding Sith-like powers, Darhk was a formidable baddie who was like a hybrid of Darth Vader and the Man in Black from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Darhk’s plan in Arrow was to nuke the world to oblivion and hide out in his “Ark”, an underground bunker populated by the world’s wealthy elite and over whom he’d rule. His plans were foiled when he was killed by the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell).

In Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, which deals primarily in time travel, the Reverse-Flash picked up an “earlier” Damien Darhk, who hadn’t yet died, to join him and other bad guys to form the Legion of Doom. The season ended with the Legion of Doom thwarted and Darhk placed back in his normal timeline, destined to die once again by the Green Arrow.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on October 10.

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