'Black Lightning' Leads the Arrowverse in Comic-Con Trailer

Beware the Black Lightning! In a new trailer that debuted on Friday before the DC TV panels at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, the CW’s newest hero Black Lightning (Cress Williams) leads the charge in an emotional teaser that replays some of the most emotional scenes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. Along with some slick comic book panels to reinforce where all these shows come from, and what you have is an electrifying teaser that will energize fans to last all summer.

The new trailer doesn’t show any new footage of the Arrowverse, including Black Lightning, but it is interesting how much the new show gets the spotlight despite of previous reports that Black Lightning will be not be part of the DC TV universe. But like Supergirl, it’s unlikely that will be the case for too long. If Black Lightning becomes a huge success, surely the Multiverse will rear its head in to have Black Lightning stand side-by-side with the Green Arrow and others.

Coupled with the shots are behind-the-scenes footage, notably of Supergirl with Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. There’s also time spent showcasing some of the B-team heroes of each show, such as Mr. Terrific (Echo Kellum) from Arrow.

The Arrowverse returns to the CW with new episodes, beginning with Supergirl on Monday, October 9.

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