Mark Ruffalo Says 'Everybody Dies' in 'Infinity War'

Getty Images / Jesse Grant

Marvel fans, it’s time to start savoring every minute you have with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. On Sunday afternoon at the D23 Expo in California, actor Mark Ruffalo may have accidentally slipped a gargantuan spoiler for the forthcoming crossover Avengers: Infinity War, coming May 4, 2018.

While talking to Good Morning America with fellow Avengers co-star Don Cheadle, Ruffalo tried to avoid spoiling his next movie, Thor: Ragnarok, which hits theaters in November, but as a goof, he “spoiled” Infinity War. “Wait ‘till you see this next movie,” Ruffalo told the interviewer. “Everybody dies.” Oh boy.

Although “everybody dies” is pretty general and nondescript, the stakes have never been higher in the MCU than in Infinity War, which is why Ruffalo’s joke is eyebrow-raising. With Thanos (Josh Brolin) collecting the all-powerful Infinity Stones, he may have the power to actually kill off all the Avengers and erase reality as we know it. Sure, Ruffalo’s “spoiler” isn’t specific, but it still might reveal the ending to one of Marvel’s biggest movies yet.

But, honestly, it’s more worth it to watch the clip to see Cheadle freak out while poor Ruffalo is concerned for his job. After dropping the spoiler, Ruffalo innocently panics. “Am I in trouble?” he asks while requesting the folks at Good Morning America “rewind that part.” Poor Mark Ruffalo. He’s not going to like corporate when they’re angry.

See the clip below.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released on May 4, 2018.

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