Watch Rick and Morty on Acid in This Totally Psycho New Short

It's a lot to take in.

Adult Swim

On Sunday, Adult Swim dropped a new Rick and Morty trailer just weeks before the series premiere and it’s pretty insane… even by their standards.

The “plot” of this three and a half minute bit centers around Morty dropping a blue vial on the ground in the garage, sending the eponymous characters into what can be called no less than an animation odyssey.

We get to see Rick and Morty as claymation, pigeons, women; we even get to watch Rick pull Morty out of a portal in someone’s butt. Yes, it’s all here, making for three minutes of total insanity that needs to be watched several times over.

The incredible detail and (bizarre) conceptual artistry that’s been put into all of the shorts leading up to the show are great indicators of what’s to come this season. If this is what they can do in just three and a half minutes, the new season of Rick and Morty will definitely live up to its potential to not only execute incredibly mind-bending animation, but keep up its next-level narrative arch well.

This clip, however, almost beautifully falls a little short of the show’s usual existential brain-benders. The vial Morty dropped was full of pure acid… and this is your brain on Rick and Morty, kids.

Rick and Morty premiers July 30 on Adult Swim.

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