'District 9' Director Reveals Backstory of 'Zygote' Flesh-Monster

Oh, so that's the deal with that light.

Oats Studios

All of the short horror films in District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s new venture Oats Studios are intentionally unfinished. The idea is that if there’s enough demand, the shorts will be continued or expanded. This has allowed for some terrifying, unique vignettes, but there’s a lot of backstory that’s not being explained.

On Friday, though, Oats Studios released a behind-the-scenes video for its latest film, Zygote, which stars Dakota Fanning as a miner being chased by a disgusting, sentient collection of absorbed human flesh and limbs. We only get a little tease of the world is like in the short — it takes place in a desolate, advanced mine way up north — but in the video, Blomkamp lays out more of the only alluded to backstory.

“You have a massive meteor strike on Earth in 2040 or 2050,” he explains,” saying that the meteors demolished large parts of the United States and Canada. But, they also brought new metals that served as incredible conductors and semiconductors that “basically turned mining corporations into the new Google.”

However, the meteors also brought some brand new, “light-based” creature or entity. This, presumably, is what drives the miners mad and motivates the flesh-monster.

Give Zygote another watch with this in mind. Things might make a hair more sense.