Reminder: 'AHS' Season 7 Title to Be Revealed One Week From Today

Despite what you may have heard, it's not officially 'Election.'


While American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy has been more loose-lipped than usual about Season 7 of his anthology series, there are still plenty of questions to be asked. Murphy took to Twitter on Monday to tease the release date of the season’s title, which will be revealed one week from today, Thursday.

“Official American Horror Story Season 7 title will be revealed Thursday, July 20. And suddenly… it will all make sense,” Murphy said in his Tweet.

After the announcement in February that Season 7 of the horror anthology would be based on the events of the 2016 Presidential Election, a lot of fans assumed that was all the information anyone needed. The election was terrifyingly exhausting, and grounding horror in reality is always a good way to make it feel more immediate. But, soon enough, casting announcements started rolling in, a Season 4 Freakshow character was revealed as having a cameo, and odd art began popping up on Murphy’s Instagram.

Murphy’s been dropping more and more hints, especially on his official Instagram, some of which are more disturbing than others.

But the majority of the clues so far have been distinctly patriotic, keeping in line with the promise from Murphy that Season 7 will be based around the 2016 Presidential Election.

American Horror Story Season 7 is currently under production and does not yet have a release date. The official season title announcement will be made on Thursday, July 20.

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