Here's What Porn Viewers Watch in North Korea

Only a few thousand people in North Korea watch Pornhub — and we've got data on them.

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Pornography is forbidden in North Korea, and even viewing pornographic material can mean a physical labor sentence. That said, Pornhub says it has received a few thousand visits from the nation in the past two years — and now we can see what those visitors looked at.

The most searched-for terms by curious North Koreans are primarily related to performers’ nationalities. Chinese and Mongolian porn stars are in high demand, and the third most popular search term is “Japanese game show,” which refers to TV shows like Orgasm Wars, in which gay men compete to bring straight male contestants to orgasm as fast as they can. North Koreans are also interested in Korean porn stars, Indonesian porn stars, and special Japanese sex acts, like porn related to receiving massages. In fact, the only popular search terms that aren’t related to performers in other Asian countries are “Swedish,” “hairy creampie” (which refers to a man ejaculating inside a woman’s vagina before performing oral sex on her), and “public humiliation.”

North Koreans are reportedly very interested in pornstars who come from Asian nations.

Pornhub Insights

One notable difference between North Koreans’ taste and the rest of the world? The term “lesbian” is not popular in North Korea, despite being the far and away winner across the globe. One could argue that North Korea’s porn tastes lean toward a heterosexual mindset much more than other nations.

Their interest in Japanese porn blows other countries out of the water, too. While the term “Asian” is popular in many countries, specifying which nation performers come from looks to be a pattern unique to North Korea.

Japanese and Asian rank high here, too, though their interests in other categories are pretty similar to the rest of the world.

Pornhub Insights

PornHub Insights also published a full look at the devices used by North Koreans to watch porn. Unlike the rest of the world, porn viewers in North Korea are far less likely to watch using a mobile phone, and many of them are still using Windows when on a desktop.

Pornhub also points out that most porn viewers tend to look for porn featuring their compatriots, so the fact that North Korean porn data is focused primarily on performers from surrounding countries might indicate that many users are actually international visitors trying to kill time in their hotels — or maybe it’s a matter of porn featuring North Koreans being extremely rare.

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