James Gunn Solved That Adam Warlock Plot Hole in 'GotG Vol. 2'

Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodriguez

Adam Warlock is one of the most important characters from Marvel Comics, and he’s going to make a proper live-action debut in the near future. But, our first hint of his existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe created a big ol’ plot hole: His cocoon appeared in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, but i shouldn’t have existed until Adam was created during the mid-credits sequence Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Well, last week, director James Gunn — who admitted to the whole thing being messy in the first place — has finally sorted it all out.

On Twitter, Gunn (@JamesGunn) replied to a fan, who speculated that the cocoon in Thor: The Dark World (seen in the background during the Collector’s post-credits appearance) belonged to Jean Grey of the X-Men. Because the X-Men are currently under ownership by rival studio 20th Century Fox, this is an impossible scenario. So Gunn has come up with an ingenious solution to why Adam Warlock’s cocoon made a premature debut.

“The cocoon in the 1st GotG (& at Disneyland) is likely a primitive version of the Sovereign cocoons, when they 1st hatched their own,” Gunn wrote.

Well, that settles it! So, eagle-eyed fans of the MCU can now chill out: The cocoon in Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t Adam Warlock, just an earlier version made by the Sovereigns.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be available on Blu-ray soon.

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