Rey and BB-8 Get Into a Speeder Bike Chase in 'Forces of Destiny'

The amount of money the First Order was offering for BB-8 must have been a fortune. In the second episode of the new animated series, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, even more criminals are keen to grab BB-8, and, presumably, collect a reward.

Picking up where the last short installment ended, the second episode of Forces of Destiny introduces some new bandits to the world of Jakku. This time, instead of a hungry monster, these guys seem like actual bounty hunters, complete with retro-Return of the Jedi-era speeder bikes.

This gang of mercenaries might remind hardcore Star Wars fans of the Swoop Bike Gangs from Shadows of the Empire. In that storyline, the “swoop” bikes were a kind of souped-up version of speeder bikes, usually modified for speed, and probably illegal. The bikes ridden by the gang in this new Forces of Destiny don’t look exactly like swoops, but their attitude is similar to those alien criminals from Shadows of the Empire.

Watch the new video here.

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