Apparently Arby's is Sad Capaldi is Leaving 'Doctor Who'

Looks like the “red settings” on the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver have a whole new meaning. One of the world’s biggest purveyors of bacon and ham sandwiches is paying bizarre tribute to the fact that Peter Capaldi’s reign is coming to an end on Doctor Who very soon.

In the most recent episode of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor asked Bill dismissively if she was “enjoying her bacon sandwich.” And, then on, Friday, the Arby’s Twitter account posted a photo of what looks to be a ham sandwich, curly fries, and their version of the 12th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, only done in Arby’s colors. To be clear, you can’t get a red-colored Doctor Who sonic screwdriver at Arby’s right now. Someone running their Twitter account is just clearly a huge fan.

Still, the unexpected Arby’s/Doctor Who tribute might be a little on the early side. Though Saturday’s episode — “The Doctor Falls” — is the season 10 finale, Peter Capaldi probably won’t regenerate into the 13th Doctor until the Christmas special this year.

In the world of Doctor Who, the sonic screwdriver does have “red settings.” They were first mentioned by River Song in “Silence in the Library,” though the 10th Doctor was incredulous at the time. It’s unclear if any of those settings would allow the Doctor, or anyone else to order quicker at an Arby’s drive-thru.

The Doctor Who season finale airs on Saturday July 1 on BBC and BBC America at 9pm EST.

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