Wonder Woman Fans Aren't Happy With Her Next Storyline

DC Comics

A year ago, DC softly rebooted its comic book universe in the acclaimed DC Rebirth, which saw the publisher restore many fan-favorite elements it removed during the last big reboot, 2011’s New 52. But Rebirth isn’t just bringing back old ideas, it’s introducing fresh ones and building off of certain parts of the New 52, including Wonder Woman’s long lost twin brother Jason. Now, in a new storyline that will begin with Wonder Woman #31 in September, the story of Wonder Woman’s brother will be revealed.

But, if you ask some Wonder Woman fans about it, they’re not happy.

On Monday, DC Comics released its solicitations for September 2017. Among the most talked about new comics is Wonder Woman #31, which not only confirms new talent to the series — acclaimed writer Greg Rucka is stepping down to be replaced by James Robinson, author of London’s Dark and Marvel’s Scarlet Witch — but it’s also the beginning of “Children of the Gods,” a six-issue arc that will explore the story of Queen Hippolyta’s son.

Jason was introduced in Justice League #50, published last year at the very end of the New 52 and the beginning of the DC Rebirth. It was presumed this part of Wonder Woman’s mythology had been dropped, retconned, or just plain erased from continuity during Rebirth, but now, DC and its new Wonder Woman team will devote six issues to Jason and Wonder Woman’s relationship as estranged siblings.

Cover of 'Wonder Woman' #31, which will hit shelves on September 27.

DC Comics

It’s an interesting story on paper, but vocal Wonder Woman fans aren’t happy that their hero’s comic book will spend the last months of 2017 on a man, especially now. Until this past weekend when Disney’s Cars 3 hit theaters, Wonder Woman was the number one movie in the world. It’s been a long time coming, both for the iconic DC superheroine and for female talent behind and in front of the camera. So it’s bad timing and, arguably, a poor reading of the room when DC released its September solicitations to announce “Children of the Gods.”

Many took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

To them, it was confusing as to how Wonder Woman could be a triple-A movie star on her own yet is now forced to spotlight with her brother that no one knows anything about.

Even some comic book pros, such as writer Alex de Campi, aren’t down with the new storyline.

Many also brought their A+ GIF game.

Wonder Woman #31, which will feature a creative team of artist Carlo Pagulayan, cover artist Bryan Hitch, and writer James Robinson, will be available on September 27.