Wonder Woman and Conan the Barbarian Are Finally Teaming Up 

When Conan the Barbarian (sometimes “the Destroyer”) washes up on a mysterious island, he and Wonder Woman are forced to fight in some epic sword-swinging gladiatorial contests. It isn’t the latest Gal Gadot entry in the DCU movie franchise nor is it the long-awaited Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan movie sequel. Instead, Wonder Woman and Conan are teaming up in a DC comics crossover with Dark Horse Comics.

On Monday, Den of Geek! reported that popular Wonder Woman comics writer Gail Simone will pen a Conan/Wonder Woman crossover to be published jointly by DC and Dark Horse on September 20, 2017. Copyright of Wonder Woman is obviously owned by DC, while Dark Horse currently retains the Conan comics rights, even though Conan comics were originally published by Marvel in the 1970s/

According to Den of Geek!, Conan and Wonder Woman will fight together after they are “captured by a powerful slave owner and have to face off with a dark power trying to take both of them down.” So far, it’s unclear just how inarticulate Conan will be in this adventure, nor is it clear how his general attitude with jibe with Wonder Woman. Considering how fascinated Wonder Woman was by Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) manhood in the new movie, Conan will probably feel like a step-down in the woke dude department. Hopefully, they won’t have to fight each other ‘ala Thor and Hulk in Ragnarok.

Dark Horse/DC

The series will run for six issues in total. In addition to being written by Simone, the art for the series will be handled by Aaron Lopresti, inker Matt Ryan, and colorist Wendy Broome.

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