There’s a New Ring of Power in Crazy 'Shadow of War' Trailer

"I know what you fear, Talion. The Ring can enslave the minds of man."

'Middle-earth: Shadow of War'

The latest story trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War — the follow-up to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor — shows off the creation and use of a new Ring of Power “not marred by [Sauron’s] shadow.” Even though the video game series is throwing canon completely out the window, it’s still a lot of action-packed fun for fans of The Lord of the Rings.

In addition to Talion’s previous Wraith abilities of mind control and teleportation, it looks like the Ring will also let him go toe-to-toe against a Shelob-sized giant spider and … oh my, that’s a Balrog. Perhaps most notably: Sauron sends the entire squad of Nazgûl to hunt Talion down. There’s also a mysterious ranger with magical powers and what might just be an Entwife.

Sauron wants to dominate all of Middle-earth, and it’s up to the combined powers of Talion and his ride-along Wraith, the Elf Lord Celebrimbor, to win over the many Orcs of Mordor to fight for the “Bright Lord.”

“I know what you fear, Talion,” Celebrimbor says in the trailer. “The Ring can enslave the minds of man.” Considering it’s the corruption by the Rings of Power that transformed the Nazgûl into Ringwraiths, they’ll be a fitting foil to Talion’s growing powers — and fears.

Check out the Story Trailer here:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is due out October 10, 2017.

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