15 Things You Might Have Missed in 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild'

Did you happen to catch all of these?


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s massive open world is filled to the brim with secrets to uncover, references to piece together, strategic combat tricks to learn, and things to keep you occupied on your journey to defeat Calamity Ganon. No matter the discovery, there’s no questioning the amount of ingenuity and creativity the development team over at Nintendo put into Link’s latest adventure – whether it’s the physics system they built for players to use to solve puzzles or the dynamic weather system to keep adventurers on their toes. Either way however, regardless of how skilled or comfortable you are while playing the latest iteration of the Zelda franchise, there are always new things to learn.

So, whether you’re making a return to Breath of the Wild to finally rescue Princess Zelda or jumping into Hyrule to tackle Calamity Ganon for a second time, here’s a few things you might have missed on your quest.

Turns out the torches in 'Breath of the Wild' have their environmental uses as well. 

Nicholas Bashore

1. While adventuring through cold environments without clothes on to protect you from freezing to death, you can simply equip a lit torch to stay warm.

2. When fighting a Lizalfos, don’t use a boomerang since it’s their weapon of choice. They’ll simply catch it whenever you throw it, and proceed to use it against you in combat.

3. Killing wild animals in extremely cold or hot areas across Hyrule will drop meat that is already chilled or cooked for you to pick up and use as you see fit.

Sadly, you can't pet dogs in 'Breath of the Wild' for being the epic companions we know them to be. 

Nicholas Bashore

4. Whenever you find a dog wandering around a stable, feed them a few pieces of meat to befriend them and have them lead you to some buried treasure nearby.

5. If you throw a rusty weapon at an Octorok around Death Mountain, they will suck the weapon up, clean it completely, and spit it back out as a brand-new weapon for you to use.

6. Weapons, armor, and other equipment can be used to complete puzzles which require electrical currents to run through them. Simply place them on the group to complete the circuit and reap your rewards.

7. If you draw a bomb arrow and try to use it while roaming an extremely hot area of the map (such as Death Mountain’s lava pits), it will instantly explode and deal damage to anyone standing around your current position. Naturally, this includes Link.

8. Likewise, if you try to use bomb arrows in the rain they’ll just fizz out. Use this to your advantage when farming bomb arrows. Just find a camp of enemies who use them, wait for it to rain, then pick up every bomb arrow they fire for free.

9. Just about every set of Hylian runes you find engraved on shrines, in Sheikah Slate menus, and while downloading data from towers out in the world can be translated into English. These contain a variety of messages as you might expect.

Sophie is one of the more optimistic individuals within Link's latest adventure. 

Nicholas Bashore

10. If you speak to NPCs roaming around the open world of Breath of the Wild without wearing any clothes, you’ll get some extremely hilarious feedback on your lack of attire.

11. Whenever a Blood Moon rises, Guardian Scouts will respawn in shrines containing a combat trial. Head back and complete them again to farm powerful weaponry to use them against your enemies.

12. There are ruins and references to previous Zelda games dotting the landscape of Hyrule, including the infamous Lon Lon Ranch from Ocarina of Time.

Kilton may have an interesting personality, but he's a good friend for Link to have in 'Breath of the Wild'. 

Nicholas Bashore

13. There’s a man named Kilton located in the top Northeastern section of the Akkala region. While only around during nighttime at certain locations around the map (once you’ve spoken with him), he sells monster masks you can use to infiltrate enemy camps without having them attack you.

14. You can mount and ride bears, undead skeletal horses, moose, deer, and just about anything else that looks like a horse. Just don’t try to register them at stables, because the owners tend to think Link’s a little crazy.

15. There’s a secret island off the coast to the far Southeast of Breath of the Wild’s map called Eventide Island. Here, you’ll pick up a survival test you must complete to gain access to a hidden shrine. But if you die, you’ll be sent back to shore like nothing ever happened. Be sure to prepare for this one though, since you don’t get to take any of your equipment with you.

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