5 Crazy Things You Can Do in 'Breath of the Wild'

The creative options are practically endless. 


Ever since I started playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I’ve been completely taken by surprise by the number of things players are able to do in the game. Unlike many other open-world adventures in gaming, Breath of the Wild doesn’t try to hold your hand as you make discoveries and learn how the lands of Hyrule respond to your actions. Essentially, it’s an experience that brings back the best part of being a kid: everything is exciting and wonderful to experiment with no matter the results.

If anything, this concept is Breath of the Wild’s greatest strength, and it’s one which has been quite enjoyable to experience firsthand while playing through Link’s latest journey. So whether you’re interested in making your raft fly over the ravine like an airship or using a Korok Leaf to drop bombs on your enemies from afar, here are some of the craziest things you’re able to pull off within Breath of the Wild’s gigantic world.

Nicholas Bashore

Build a Catapult

Even though it may seem like a relatively trivial endeavor to build a catapult to launch yourself through the air, it serves as a helpful (and fun) way to travel long distances in Hyrule. Depending on the materials you have available at your location, you’ll want to use the magnet to move a chest (or large boulder) and place a thin, flat piece of wood over the top of it. Then, use the magnet again to pick up a heavy object and drop it on the other side of the plank to toss yourself hundreds of feet into the air. Then use the paraglider to coast to safety, or soar across entire areas of the map (depending on how big you make your catapult).

Go Snowboarding

One of the simpler game mechanics present in Breath of the Wild is shield surfing, which allows you to jump atop your shield and use it to coast down mountains, surfaces, and just about anything else with mixed results. Naturally, it works best when done on snow-covered slopes, which means you should work your way to the top of a mountain and set yourself up a little course to follow down to the bottom. Move a few rocks to make checkpoints, and don’t forget to pick off a few enemies with arrows whenever you jump for some epic moments on the way down.

Set Up Battles Between Enemies

You aren’t the only creature that enemies are willing to attack throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, which means you’ll be able to set up your own battles between some of the most dangerous foes scattered about. While you risk getting caught in the crossfire if you stand too close, watching enemies like Guardians duke it out with a gigantic Stone Talus is a treat. You can also use this to your advantage whenever going up against a difficult enemy, just sit back and think about another, more powerful one you can use to fight against it. Be careful when luring them to each other though, otherwise you’ll be taken out quickly yourself.

Nicholas Bashore

Bomb Enemies from Above

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to use both round and square bombs from progressing through the shrines, you’re able to use them in combat against just about any enemy in the game. But, if you’re interested in trying a sneakier approach, grab yourself a few Octo Balloons and a Korok Leaf then perch yourself above an enemy encampment. Drop a bomb on the ground in front of you, then attack two Octo Balloons to it before pushing it through the air with the Korok Leaf. Then, just detonate them once they’ve reached their target for explosive results, especially if they’re surrounded by fire barrels.

Create Your Own Airship

While building a gigantic airship with multiple decks isn’t necessarily possible in Breath of the Wild (as far as we know), you can work on building the next best thing during your free time: a flying raft, mine cart, or rock to move through the skies above Hyrule. By gathering a few hundred Octo Balloons or using a magnet to push you up into the air, you’ll eventually get high enough to the point where you can jump off and paraglide your way across the map. If you find yourself stuck, remember to use Stasis to hold your ship of choice in place while you fix things with more Octo Balloons. Don’t forget to bring some food to restore your stamina as well; otherwise you’ll be quickly slammed into the ground and must reload your last save.

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