OKCupid Data Proves June Is Prime Casual Sex Season

We're deep in the middle of anti-"cuffing season."

Everyone knows autumn is considered “cuffing season,” or the time period when everyone seems to settle into comfy long-term relationships that’ll get them through the holidays and the dead of winter. In a new blog post, OKCupid has announced that user interest in one-night stands surges between late April and late June. If you’re looking to rack up new additions to your number of sexual partners in 2017, statistics show you have about a month to make it happen. This is it. It’s happening.

As OKCupid’s Kelly Cooper writes, “June is the most popular month for casual sex, with 33% more people looking for a one night stand compared to the other eleven months of the year.” The site tracks user responses to the following question, and apparently more people choose “one night” during April, May, and June than during any other time of the year.

About how long do you want your next relationship to last?
One night
A few months to a year
Several years
The rest of my life

OKCupid also visualizes this bump in casual sex interest with a graph:

Notice the peak in people looking to fuck happens in April but coasts right along through June.


The site’s data scientist attributes the rise to summer lifestyles, including students returning home for a finite period of time, people accepting internships and summer programs, and people on vacation.

Either way, if you’re on OKCupid, and you want to go home with someone and never see them again, June is your best season to try.

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