There Is Now a Virtual Fidget Spinner, and It’s Pretty Psychedelic

It's also kind of soothing.

Everyone is obsessed with the fidget spinner. If that statement seems like an exaggeration, just take a look at Snapchat, Instagram stories, or The New Yorker — who wrote in May that the frantic plastic device is the perfect analogy for our manic political epoch.

The fidget spinner was originally advertised as a classroom toy for kids who have trouble focusing, especially those with autism, anxiety, or ADHD. As the frame spins at the flick of the finger around a stationary center, it’s intended to act as a release mechanism for stress or nervous energy, like a colorful, high-tech stress ball.

Of course, the toy was quickly co-opted by Adderall-addled millennial minds and the internet at large, basically becoming everyone’s favorite social media prop overnight. To add another layer to the online plethora of fidget spinner mania, Mike Bodge has created a virtual fidget spinner.

A virtual fidget spinner, courtesy of

The simple website lets you spin the virtual toy with your mouse or a touch screen, eliciting a rainbow of colors that change depending on the speed of your spin. If you don’t have the real world option available to you, this might be the next best thing. At the very least, it makes for a nice background effect.

If this all sounds too tranquil for your fidget spinner needs, you’re not alone. Fun fact: Pornhub has seen over 2.5 million searches for fidget spinner-related porn in May alone.

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