Pornhub's Top Trending Search Term in May Is "Fidget Spinner"

Does this make the fidget spinner a sex toy?

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Pornhub seeks to please users with NSFW videos and generous data visualizations. On Tuesday, the free porn distribution website announced that its most popular search in May is “fidget spinner.” Watching a cultural phenomenon climb the charts on porn websites isn’t unusual, but the surge in horny people asking Pornhub for fidget spinner porn begs the question: What exactly are porn stars supposed to do with it?

Searching “fidget spinner” on Pornhub is pretty disappointing. Most videos have tantalizing headlines like “fidget spinner (try not to cum challenge)” and “fidget spinner anal,” but all of those videos are simply shots of someone’s hand as they spin a fidget spinner. They’re extremely safe for work.

However, a lone video exists on Pornhub in which a woman spins a fidget spinner that’s balanced precariously on her right butt cheek. By virtue of the video, titled “dark fidget spinner on hot ass,” being the only Pornhub fidget spinner video that even comes close to being pornographic, it’s technically the definitive fidget spinner porn. A user named DoctorDraith uploaded it to Pornhub Community (the site’s DIY, homemade porn channel) on Monday, and thousands of users have watched it.

By the way, Inverse searched other porn aggregating services like Porn MD and RedTube, and those sites don’t have any pornographic videos featuring fidget spinners either.

Pornhub Insight's full report on fidget spinner data

Pornhub Insights

What’s stranger still is Pornhub Insights’ full data collection, which says female users are 19 percent more likely to search “fidget spinner” than male users. If someone using Pornhub Community were to upload a short video of a naked man simply playing with a fidget spinner, that hypothetical user would absolutely destroy in views.

Other funny details from Pornhub Insights include the fact that a “massive overnight” surge in women looking for fidget spinner porn occurred on the evening of May 16. No one knows why so many young women wanted to watch naked people spin fidget spinners on that particular evening; Pornhub data, though fascinating, can only do so much to explain why we’re turned on by certain images.

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