The Night King Has His Eye on Jon Snow in ‘GoT’ Teaser


Just like the maesters at the Citadel in Oldtown can sense that winter is coming, we can feel that a trailer for the upcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones is imminent. With the premiere only two months away, HBO shared an intense (if not overly revealing) teaser for the new season featuring the biggest bad in all of Westeros, the Night King.

The spot, which HBO posted to the official Game of Thrones Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, starts with a piercing blue eye glowing in pitch-black darkness. It’s pretty instantly recognizable as one of the Night King’s peepers, and reflected in the eye of the White Walker leader we can see what looks like a tiny Jon Snow. It makes sense that the Night King would set his sights on Jon. After all, they had a pretty intense stare down during their run-in at Hardhome.

The spot then zooms out a little more to reveal the Night King’s scary, horned silhouette, and the July 16 premiere date pops up in the black space next to him.

The new teaser comes out a day after HBO shared some new, awesome looking photos of Dany and her big-ass dragon. Generally, when teasers like this start to pop up, a full trailer can’t be too far behind. So, keep an eye out.

The spot is, in fact, an animated version of some key art for the upcoming Season 7. Check it out below.

Pretty eyes, tho


As you can see on the poster, Game of Thrones’s seventh season premieres on July 16 on HBO at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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