5 Burning Questions for 'Sense8' Season 3

Where is Wolfgang? Whose side is Jonas on?


The second season of the Wachowskis’ mind-bending Netflix series Sense8 ends on a maddening cliffhanger. Season 1 didn’t leave nearly this many questions, but Lito, Will, Nomi, Kala, Wolfgang, Riley, Capheus, and Sun clearly want to leave us unsatisfied. Here are 5 of those questions for all of us to ponder while we anxiously wait for a Season 3 announcement.

Proceed with caution: Spoilers for Sense8 Season 2 are below.

After the Biologic Preservation Organization (or BPO) kidnaps Wolfgang, the sensates unite in London to rescue him and declare war on the sinister shadow organization. As satisfying as it is to see the cluster take action, that final sequence doesn’t take into account the other twists of the season. There are still so many questions. The sensates learned that they are an entirely separate species, “homo sensorium.” They encountered new friends and foes such as Lila’s cluster and the infuriating Puck. And, in a bewildering twist, Jonas turned out to be dead-but-alive and working with the enemy.

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The series has not yet been renewed for Season 3, but, clearly, the Wachowskis planned Season 2 with a renewal in mind. Assuming their plan comes to fruition, here are the most pressing questions going into the third season.

Wolfgang is in trouble in 'Sense8' Season 2


1. Where Is Wolfgang?

At the end of the season finale, “You Want A War?” the sensates convene in London and break into BPO’s facility to rescue Wolfgang, who Whispers has kidnapped and tortured. However, when the gang escapes, they have Whispers in the back of their van while Wolfgang is nowhere in sight. This raises the question, if the rescue mission was for Wolfgang, where the hell is he?

Rajan and Kala in 'Sense8'


2. What’s Up With Rajan’s Business Dealings?

Kala has spent two seasons wavering between her too-good-to-be-true husband Rajan and her metaphysical connection with the distant but fascinating Wolfgang. During Season 2, however, the cracks in her marriage begin to show, as it becomes clear Rajan is involved in some shady shit. He hired a bodyguard, got sketchy new friends, and demanded that seemingly innocuous presents be X-rayed before Kala opened them. He even admitted to supplying far corners of the world — like Capheus’s Kenya — with substandard medicine. Eventually, he tells Kala to leave in order to save herself. While this frees her up for a guilt-free life with Wolfgang, it seems unlikely that this plot line is gone forever. What the hell is up with Rajan? Does shady medicine have any connection to BPO?

Jonas is ... not dead? 


3. Who Is the Chairman?

In Season 1, the cluster’s mentor Jonas was characterized by mystery. He’d show up at unexpected times, and his motives were not always clear. Season 2 made this even more complicated because he died and then returned. When the sensates expressed their unified confusion, he explained that he struck a deal with the devil. Jonas was rescued as leverage for the mysterious Chairman of the BPO to use against his operative Whispers. Now, it’s high time we learned more about the Chairman.

Riley learns about "homo sensorium" and BPO in 'Sense8.' 


4. Can BPO’s Mission Be Reversed?

Season 2 reveals something shocking about the origins of BPO: It wasn’t initially the Bond-villain of this world. Rather, the founder, Ruth, wanted to protect sensates. There was even an international charter for homo sensorium rights — so long as no government used them as a weapon. In the ensuing years, the organization’s purpose has been corrupted. But can it turn back around?

Lila and her cluster in 'Sense8'


5. Is Lila’s Cluster Evil?

The sensate Lila is Season 2’s most slippery new character. When she’s first introduced, she toys with Wolfgang and seems interested in him merely for sex. Later, her motivations turn nefarious, as a candlelit dinner ends in a storm of bullets. During this fight, Wolfgang and Lila’s respective clusters rally around them. If Lila is indeed evil, does that mean all the sensates in her cluster are? Or do they simply believe they’re doing the right thing?

Sense8 Season 3 has not yet been announced. Sense8 Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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