South Korean Pundits Cover Election With 'Game of Thrones' Memes

"You know nothing, Moon Jae-in."

by Monica Hunter-Hart
South Korean Broadcasting Network Seoul Broadcasting System

South Koreans voted to elect liberal candidate Moon Jae-in as their next president on Tuesday, and pundits had the most ingenious way of covering it: by making Game of Thrones memes.

With 41 percent of the vote, Moon beat conservative candidate Hong Joon-pyo and centrist Ahn Cheol-soo. He will replace former President Park Geun-hye, who was impeached in March following a corruption scandal.

The network Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) superimposed photos of these candidates onto scenes from the TV show, creating a series of epic videos that went viral. While the network’s coverage mimicking Game of Thrones was the most popular, SBS and the competing Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation also made clips referencing Rocky, Pokémon, Street Fighter, and more. South Korean media networks have animated past election coverage in a similar fashion.

This video focuses on Moon and Ahn. They joust each other after Moon flies in on a dragon. Ahn shows up as the face of a gold coin, which Moon promptly tosses into the water.

SBS really committed to the dramatic background music in this one.

In this one, maybe the best of them all, Hong shoots an arrow attached to a cloth image of Ahn’s face.

Brilliant. If anything could save the United States’ 2020 election season from being absolutely excruciating, it’d be memes like these. Here’s hoping.

“I will be a president for all the people,” Moon announced in his victory speech on Tuesday. Even Littlefinger, though? Come on, that guy’s just annoying.

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