Luke Skywalker Talks to Force Ghosts in 'Last Jedi' Fan Poster

Luke Skywalker is literally walking away from the ghosts of his past in striking new fan art for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If the forthcoming new movie is half as cool as this custom poster, it will be the most magical Star Wars yet.

On Monday, a reddit user dropped this awesome fan poster in the Star Wars subreddit. The art evokes a color palette similar to what artist Bob Peak used on the original poster for Apocalypse Now. Additionally, the poster also seems to infuse a fantasy vibe, reminiscent of the animated 1978 Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings, famously created by artist Tom Jung, who also did the art for a Style A one-sheet for the first Star Wars film.

This fan poster was designed by an artist named Fernando Reza, who calls himself “Fro.” It’s also not his first fan-created poster. A ton of his creations can be found on his website, Fro Design Company.

Fro Design

For reference, here’s Bob Peak’s Apocalypse Now poster and Tom Jung’s original Lord of the Rings poster. No clue if Fernando Reza was inspired by these directly, but for a certain fan, it surely feels that way.

There’s also no confirmation if Luke Skywalker will indeed speak with the ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan, or his father, Anakin Skywalker. But, a ton of fans already think at least one of those ghosts will appear.

The Last Jedi will hit theaters on December 15.

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