This Speedrunner Beat ‘Prey’ in Under 20 Minutes

By clipping through walls, DraQu pulled off quite an impressive time.


If you needed a quick reminder of how fast dedicated speedrunners can clear a video game that would normally take at least a dozen hours to complete, look no further than Twitch streamer DraQu’s latest speedrun through Prey — a run he was able to complete in just under 20 minutes a mere three days after the game released on Friday.

(For context, Prey takes most people around 20 hours to finish).

Due to Prey’s open environment and the endless number of approaches players can use to navigate it, it’s an odd choice of game for speedrunners to tackle immediately. But if Dishonored has shown us anything, it’s that Arkane Studios has some extremely talented players playing through their open-ended level design in the most creative ways possible.

To complete the game in under 20 minutes, however, DraQu took advantage of a trick to head out of bounds and GLOO Cannon his way up into the Talos I’s Arboretum. Once he reached Morgan’s personal office, DraQu simply headed to the Staff Lounge and used a wad of GLOO to push himself through the roof outside of the map where he climbed his way up the station to the next major area, grabbing any necessary items from midair along the way.

Glitch or not, it’s quite impressive and worth watching if you aren’t interested in uncovering the story of Prey yourself. Considering his last attempted speedrun took him around 44 minutes to successfully complete over the weekend, by tomorrow we may see DraQu finishing the game in half the time. But until then, we’ll settle for this epic GLOO climbing run in just under 20.

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