The Best Neuromod Abilities to Unlock First in 'Prey'

The most useful abilities aren't always the obvious choices.  


In Prey, you’ll be stepping into the boots of a research scientist working aboard a privately-owned space station called Talos I. The aim of the research is to enhance humans using the organic material of an alien collective known as Typhon. As you may have guessed, things go horribly wrong, and you wake up to find yourself with amnesia in the middle of a gigantic metal trap that’s filled with hordes of angry aliens looking to destroy all human life. To survive, you need to adapt quickly, and that’s where Neuromods come into play.

Developed by TranStar using the Typhon, Neuromods allow humans to change the structure of their own brains to develop extreme intelligence and supernatural abilities within a matter of seconds. In the game, you’ll collect and use these Neuromods to attain new abilities to use in combat. But, since you only have a limited supply during your first few hours, you’ll want to invest in some specific abilities to help keep you alive.

Here’s a rundown of the best abilities to grab first if you want to survive the alien horrors of Talos I:

Nicholas Bashore


  • Scientists use their knowledge of science, medicine, and specialized lab equipment to gain a distinct advantage in the field. These abilities will not only help you become a more formidable survivalist, but harvest they’ll grant you more valuable organic materials from Typhon and the opportunity to hack into the various forms of security scattered all throughout Talos I.
  • Hacking will allow you to bypass security measures on both computers and robotic systems, which is extremely helpful for obtaining rare equipment locked behind doors. You can also use it as a defensive tool, gaining access to security checkpoints that will protect you from the Typhon should you find yourself overwhelmed.
  • Physician boosts your Medkit effectiveness to 150%, but also gives you access to both Necropsy and Metabolic Boost, two key abilities that will help you collect more valuable materials from Typhon and restore more health using the massive stashes of food found throughout Talos I. Plus, Metabolic Boost further increases the “Well Fed” bonus, which allows you to gain more health over time once you’ve consumed a food item.
Nicholas Bashore


Engineers are essentially experts on anything mechanical aboard Talos I, whether it be the space suits keeping everyone alive or the security fortifications used to keep the Typhon at bay. Engineering abilities will help you repair broken turrets, obtain more materials when recycling, and keep your suit repaired while combating enemy Typhon.

  • Repair allows you to fix broken Grav Shafts, Fabricators, and Recyclers with Spare Parts found around the station, giving you access to valuable crafting tables in the most dangerous of locations. If you invest more Neuromods into Repair, you’ll also be able to fix Turrets, Operators, and Electrical Junctions to assist you in your fight against the Typhon. Just remember not get caught in the crossfire.
  • Leverage is a simple and valuable ability which you can use to move heavy objects or throw them at enemies to deal damage. If you keep an eye out, you’ll be surprised what you can find behind a few heavy boxes, like additional weapons or ammunition someone doesn’t need any longer. At higher levels, it also allows you to force open unpowered doors.
  • Suit Modification is available in three tiers, each of which gives you access to more chipset slots for additional perks and another set of inventory space to store items with.
  • Materials Expert is a basic and necessary ability that is useful for attaining more resources when recycling items for raw materials to use for crafting.
Nicholas Bashore


Security specialists are well versed in both direct encounters and stealthy approaches, using their firearms to get the jump on Typhon before they even know what hit them. Many of the abilities in this focus will give you advantages in combat from a passive standpoint by increasing your damage and durability in combat, giving you a greater chance of surviving an alien encounter head on.

  • Stealth makes you harder to see by your enemies when you are crouched or crawling on the ground, allowing you to maneuver behind them for a massive critical attack bonus provided you land the hit. When combined with Sneak Attack, you can boost the attack bonus up to a maximum of 250 percent, which allows you to demolish enemies with one shot on most occasions.
  • Combat Focus is a resource-heavy yet useful ability you can use to outmaneuver your opponents for a brief period of time. Once activated, time slows around you and your actions cost less stamina, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage in a short period of time. It’s also great when you’re overwhelmed and looking for a creative answer to dealing with your enemies, just remember to use it sparingly due to the high Psi cost.
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