'Legends of Tomorrow' Teased Savitar's Identity Months Ago

The secret of Savitar’s identity is finally out, and now the Legends of Tomorrow and the rest of the Arrowverse are probably slapping themselves in the forehead for not putting it all together sooner: The cryptic warning from the Barry Allen of 2056 was probably as much about Savitar as it was Flashpoint.

On last night’s episode of The Flash, titled “I Know Who You Are,” spoilers Savitar revealed himself to be none other than a scarred (emotionally and physically) future version of Barry himself. This brings new potency to that message that Jax and Professor Stein discovered aboard the Waverider way back in Episode 3 of Legends of Tomorrow’s second season.

Jax and Professor Stein originally discovered the message in a secret room during “Shogun” while they stayed behind on the ship. The contents of the message are later fully revealed to Barry and Oliver during the “Invasion!” four-show crossover event, after which Barry comes clean about Flashpoint and the entire super-squad loses faith in him, except for Oliver:

Though the message mentions that a “war is coming” (presumably the one against the Dominators) and Barry’s “choice that affected the timeline” (Flashpoint), it concludes with Far-Future Barry saying, “When you come back, don’t trust anything or anyone … including me.” If the message was entirely about just Flashpoint, then why would Barry wait 40 years to send it? Throughout “Invasion!” Barry remains his dependable and trustworthy self, which left lingering questions about the true nature of this message — that is, until now.

The message found on the 'Waverider' is from Barry in 2056.

When Savitar outed himself as a Future Barry Allen (not to be confused with the beloved Emo Barry or 2056 Barry), he’s giving the rest of the Arrowverse a reason not to trust him. Emo Barry didn’t know the true identity of Savitar in 2024, and we’re willing to bet that Barry Allen figures it out sometime between 2024 and 2056 — which would explain why he went out of his way to warn the past.

The remaining mystery is less about who Savitar is and more about when and how some version of Barry Allen becomes Savitar and whether he’s a time remnant or not.

We’ll see if the rest of Season 3 answers that as it airs Tuesdays on The CW at 9 p.m. Eastern.