How the "Invasion!" Crossover Changed the CW's Arrowverse

With the Dominators gone, for now, here's the new Arrowverse status quo.

The CW

A few short years ago, a short-tempered, spoiled billionaire became a the Green Arrow, and a new mythology began on TV. The DC Comics universe on the CW, which began with Arrow, has evolved with the addition of The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl. This week, all four shows came crashing together in a four-night event to face off against an alien invasion — and some of the superhero stories won’t be the same.

The CW’s “Heroes vs. Aliens,” crossover was inspired by Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen’s Invasion! storyline from 1988 in which the Dominators, a warmongering race of aliens, come to take over Earth and create their own army of meta-humans.

The Dominators’ motivations were slightly different on TV, but their arrival has still changed the DC TV universe forever. Broken down show-by-show, here is the new status quo of the Arrowverse post-Invasion.


Although Supergirl’s world of Earth-38 was not affected by the Dominators, the producers have confirmed the Girl of Steel will meet them again later this season on Supergirl. She might not be alone, though: At the end of Legends of Tomorrow, Cisco (Carlos Valdez) gave her a mini portal generator and dimensional communications device. Teams Flash and Arrow aren’t far away anymore, and you can be sure she’ll be using it soon.

The Flash

Learning Flashpoint was the cause of the Dominators will weigh heavily on Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) conscience, as it should. Luckily, he has the friendship and support of Cisco again, as well as the trust of everyone else. The mystery and origins of Future Barry’s ominous message looms large, but until that day at least, Barry still has his friends.


Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was a bit shell-shocked at having to meet and fight aliens, a far cry from the criminals he first aimed his bow at in 2012. But the crossover taught the vengeful Green Arrow to work out of his comfort zone as well as remember exactly what he’s fighting for. A taste of what life could have been will have a profound effect on the prince of Star City, however subtle.

While things will go back to normal — whatever “normal” means — he’ll have Vigilante and Prometheus to fight, in addition to dealing with the betrayal of his protégé Artemis (Madison McLaughlin).

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

While the Green Arrow and the Flash aren’t used to extraterrestrials, aliens are just another day for the Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow. Within the crossover, it was revealed that the “aberrations” in time aren’t just potentially caused — or, at least, worsened — by Barry’s Flashpoint, but they can also hit close to him. Enter: Lily Stein, Professor Stein’s “accidental” daughter.

When the team traveled to 1987 in the episode “Compromised,” Stein (Victor Garber) mucked up the timeline by accidentally convincing his younger self to spend more time with his beloved wife. Or, how Jax (Franz Drameh) eloquently put it: “He followed your advice all the way to Pound Town.”

Lily (Christina Brucato) is as smart as her father but with a boundless love for life. Throughout “Invasion!”, Stein is adamant knowing he’ll have to erase her — somehow — as it’s his duty to correct the timeline. But he later knows he can’t and will fight to protect her. But the fact remains: She is an aberration, and she will be a problem later in Legends of Tomorrow. Right now, she is his and Jax’s secret. But secrets never stay that way.

Supergirl will return in 2017. The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will air their mid-season finales next week on the CW.

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