Here’s the Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino Recipe

The frappocalypse is just beginning.

A presumably long line of mythical beast Frappuccinos from Starbucks has seemingly just begun, and this week, everybody’s raving about the new Mermaid Frappuccino. The official Unicorn Frapp’s run ended on April 23, and last week saw the innovative concoction of the Dragon Frapp to satiate the masses. But now it’s on to a whole new world of Frapps, and this week, it’s the Mermaid Frappuccino.

Much like the Dragon variety, the Mermaid Frapp was created out of necessity when there were no more Unicorn Frappuccino ingredients to be found. Blogger and Starbucks barista Jocelyn Freeman invented this aquatic-themed beverage by focusing on serving up a vanilla-forward Frappuccino with both blended blackberries and a sprinkling of matcha powder. The end flavor is basically a vanilla milkshake blended with blackberries and a heavy matcha-based syrup mixed in.

An even easier alternative for ordering: The base recipe is remarkably similar to the officially sanctioned *Pokémon GO Frappuccino*, so you could ask your barista for that and explain the drizzle.

Mermaid Frappuccino Recipe

Start with a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

The base for the Mermaid is the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, which includes a “rich and creamy blend of vanilla bean, milk and ice topped with whipped cream.” The Crème Frappuccino Syrup, Vanilla Powder, and Vanilla Syrup that make up that blend include the following ingredients: water, sugar, salt, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, and vanilla bean pieces.

Add Blackberries

Three scoops of blackberries are needed for the larger sizes, and the only ingredient is, of course, blackberries.

White Mocha, Coconut, Matcha Drizzle

Then, it gets a drizzle that includes eight pumps of white mocha, three of toasted coconut, and three scoops of matcha powder. White mocha has sugar, condensed skim milk, coconut oil, cocoa butter, natural flavor, salt, potassium sorbate, and monoglycerides. The toasted coconut syrup is sugar, water, natural flavors, citric acid, and potassium sorbate. Lastly, the matcha powder is said to just be ground-up, dried green tea leaves.

Making the drizzle is the most time-consuming part, so per a suggestion from a Starbucks spokesperson, you can alternatively ask your barista for a “Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with blackberry inclusions, topped with whipped cream and matcha” to simplify things. But if you really want to get a truly effective and Instagrammable design, you’ll want your barista to apply the drizzle in the same way it’s done for the Unicorn Frappuccino. That’s how you get wonders like this:

The ideal look for the Mermaid.


What you’ll really want to make clear, however, is that you want a concentration of the drizzle at the bottom of the beverage. You’ve seen a mermaid, right? The genius is in the delivery on this one. So when it comes to a mythical beast-based beverage, be careful what you wish for.

But the real question is: Why would Starbucks start at Unicorn if their mascot has always been a crowned mermaid queen? Visually, you would really just need some green/blue at the bottom, warmer colors at the top, and you’re all good.

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