'The Flash' Teases Savitar’s Identity One Final Time (We Hope)

Barry will finally come face to face with the real man behind Savitar on tonight’s episode of The Flash, which is ominously titled “I Know Who You Are.”

In an emotionally charged extended teaser trailer for the episode, we get a promise that we will finally, at long last, learn the secret identity of the so-called god of speed, Savitar.

“Tuesday his identity is finally unmasked,” the subtitles read in the teaser as Barry rants about Savitar’s near-omniscience, including his knowledge of the friendship and love Team Flash shares. Barry even confirms that Savitar “knows how to use that love against [them]” — which is almost certainly confirmation that Savitar was once part of Team Flash’s ranks. Barry’s speech is intercut with tender moments between Joe and Iris and lots of the impending showdown between Killer Frost and Cisco’s Vibe.

What really matters is when Barry grumbles, “I know who you are!” at Savitar, to which he coolly replies, “It’s about time.” He then takes a knee to presumably exit his suit in the same fashion he did before Caitlin at the conclusion to the last episode.

Check out the trailer here.

After venturing to the future in “The Once and Future Flash,” Barry returned to the present day armed with a flash drive (lol) from 2024 and the pre-knowledge that a physicist named Tracy Brand could build a trap within the Speed Force, which is how Emo Barry defeated Savitar in 2020 — far too late to save Iris. “I Know Who You Are” will bring Tracy Brand in as a series regular while featuring a Flash vs. Savitar and Vibe vs. Killer Frost showdown. Hopefully Cisco gets to keep his hands this time around.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on The CW.

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