Toy Spoils the Fate of One 'Alien: Covenant' Character


One of the most reliable ways to spoil upcoming movies is to see what toymakers are basing new action figures and models on. A new set of the ubiquitous Funko Pop figurines contains one such spoiler about Alien: Covenant. Though, to be fair, it’s not really that much of a shock.

The new line features Michael Fassbender’s David, Katherine Waterston’s Daniels, and both normal and bloody versions of the Xenomorph. It also includes Oram, as played by Billy Crudup, with a big ol’ facehugger latched onto his head. Presumably, Oram’s a goner, since facehuggers tend to turn into chestbursters. We all know how that turns out.

In pretty much every Alien movie, all but one or two members of the cast are Xenomorph food, so the real spoiler here isn’t that Oram is probably going to die so much as it’s how he’ll die.

That said, we don’t know exactly when Oram, who serves as the Covenant’s first mate and chief science officer, will bite it. Crudup told SlashFilm that his character has “a rather contentious relationship” with Daniels and the ship’s captain, Jacob (James Franco). But, when everyone around you is slowly getting picked off by Xenomorphs, maybe it’s a good time to let go of grudges — especially if he’s not one of the first to go.

Oram ... this looks bad.


Alien: Covenant hits theaters on May 19.