Here Are All the People the 'Alien' Will Kill in 'Covenant'

With twice the number of crew as the Prometheus and almost three times as many people as the Nostromo, the spaceship called Covenant is offering up a lot of human sacrifice to the titular alien in Alien: Covenant. A new photo from the film shows off a giant spaceship crew and the first glimpse of James Franco.

On Tuesday, the 20th Century Fox Twitter account released a new photo from the film with a caption that read “Introducing the #AlienCovenant crew.” If tradition holds, the only people in this photo who will survive this movie will be Michael Fassbender as the android maybe named Walter and probably Katherine Waterstone who, let’s be honest, is looking more and more like a certain beloved character’s mother.

Because Alien: Covenant is both a sequel to Prometheus and a sequel to Alien, it stands to reason that whatever creatures the crew of this ship encounter, there can’t really be any witnesses. Otherwise, it seems like knowledge of the Xenomorphs would be out there in the galaxy by the time of the original Alien.

Alien: Covenant opens on May 19, 2017. A new trailer will drop tomorrow during the airing of Legion on FX.

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