How to See Your Uber Rating Just Got Easier, Finally

by Monica Hunter-Hart
Getty Images / Adam Berry

Lest you forget: While you’re rating your Uber drivers, they’re also rating you. You can get points taken off for eating or drinking in the car, piling too many people inside, and generally being obnoxious. To help you remember, Uber’s just made it easier to see your current rating.

Beginning Wednesday, when you use the Uber app, you’ll see your rating appear right underneath your name and next to your photo avatar in the app’s menu. Whether you have a perfect 5.0 score or a single measly star, it’ll be tough to avoid reminding yourself.

In a press release about the change, Uber wrote, “We hope this update will remind riders that mutual respect is an important part of our Community Guidelines.”

Uber gave this example in a press release.


Uber also noted that it’s slightly changing the rating system for drivers. Up until now, riders had been filing bad scores for factors that weren’t in the drivers’ control, like super chatty co-riders in UberPools. Now, when riders give poor ratings, they’ll have the opportunity to specify why; Uber will only downgrade drivers’ ratings based on reasonable complaints.

Before, it wasn’t so easy to see your rating. You had to go through six steps on your phone at first (Profile > Help > Account > I’d like to know my rating > Submit > You get an email with your rating). Yes, you’d get an email with your rating. An earlier change made a little easier — you wouldn’t get an email — but it still took several steps.

“Uber is better for all when both drivers and riders do their part,” Uber wrote in the release. Now go and check your rating to make sure you’re not a terrible rider.

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