4 Things to Expect When the Flash Goes to the Future

To defeat Savitar, the Flash tries to get answers in the future — from himself.

The CW

There are two things you can depend on from Barry Allen. One, he will always be late, and two, he will never learn. Following a brief hiatus in March, The Flash returns tonight to finish the last leg of its third season on The CW. In “The Once and Future Flash” (directed by H.R. himself, Tom Cavanagh), Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) comes up with a new idea to beat Savitar.

By running into the year 2024, long after Savitar kills his beloved Iris (Candice Patton), Barry hopes to find answers about Savitar and exactly what will happen on that fateful night. He’ll do so by tracking down his future self so he can learn from his own mistakes. But with being The Flash, he probably won’t learn anything. But give the man credit for trying.

For those not up to speed, here’s a brief recap of where The Flash left off. When supervillain from the 64th century named Abra Kadabra is apprehended by Gypsy, the damage Abra Kadabra leaves in his wake is an injured Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker). Caitlin, who has been trying to fight off her evil Killer Frost alter ego, finally takes over Caitlin for good when Julian (Tom Felton) takes off the necklace prohibiting Killer Frost. He only removed it to save her, because Frost’s cold body chemistry could cure her of her injury, but it was too late for them to turn her back. Killer Frost is here to stay.

As detailed in a new video released by The CW, here are a few things to expect in tonight’s return of the The Flash.

1. A Dark Future

While the future of the Arrowverse doesn’t look like a Days of Future Past-esque dystopia, it’s still a bleak future when the Flash — who people depend on to inspire hope — seemingly retires after Savitar destroyed his morale. In “The Once and Future Flash,” Barry travels to a future where Savitar has won. Savitar doesn’t seek control of the world, but the emotional turmoil he leaves Future Barry Allen in is all part of his dark reign.

2. Future Versions of His Friends and Future Killer Frost

Eight years is a long time, but when Barry travels to 2024, he’ll meet friends and family who will have changed to varying degrees. Joe appears retired from the Central City police force and is working with Julian, while Cisco looks less put together than he’s ever been. (Previous trailers also revealed Wally West confined to a wheelchair.)

But most alarming is meeting Killer Frost of the future. Little is known about how much Caitlin has truly changed beyond her blue hair and meta-human abilities, but it’s not looking bright.

Mirror Master (Grey Damon) and Top (Ashley Rickards) return tonight on 'The Flash.'

The CW

3. Top and Mirror Master have become more powerful.

Mirror Master is a significant member of the Rogues, but he only made his television debut just this season on The Flash. He and his companion, Top, return as future versions of themselves, making quick work of Barry when he shows up. They’ve gotten stronger in the eight years since their last encounter, meaning the Flash may actually be outmatched.

4. A New Suit!

Top makes a passing remark: “Is it Throwback Thursday?” The Flash of the future has a different costume, which has been teased in previous trailers. Top’s little joke is only a reminder that fans may be in store for a new look for the Flash very soon.

The Flash returns tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern on The CW.

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